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We are passionate about unveiling lies with women in any situation, all around the world. Here are four ways to join us as we bring the truth and set women free from the lies:



The Unveiling Conference is a one-day event, in San Diego County, which happens every other year, for 8th-12th grade girls. Our desire is to unveil the lies that young women believe & reveal the truth of how wonderful they are. Our next conference is in 2020!

Unveiling Conference Website



The Unveiling event happens every other year (on the off year of the conference) for young women in San Diego County. The purpose of this event is to take the topics from the conference more in-depth and to build community.

Our next event, What if…, is on Friday, November 8th, 2019.

What if… event website!



Unveiling has a presence in India and Mexico. Young women from America are trained to teach the same truths that we teach at our American conferences to their Indian & Mexican counterparts who are their same age. In the local schools of India and the orphanages of Mexico, using cultural sensitivity and understanding, our girls share what they have learned through Unveiling with their Indian & Mexican friends. It is a beautiful vision of unity and empowerment!

In India, we also spend time at an orphanage, and we support and spend time with the sweet widows in the villages.

Mexico: We partner with Unity 4 Orphans and go down to Mexico four times a year (each trip is a one-day trip.)

Contact us or follow us on Instagram to see our dates for 2019!

India: We partner with North Coast Calvary Chapel & Sangita Charitable Trust and go to India two times a year.

INDIA DATE: January 2020

Interested in joining us on one of our trips? Contact Us!



In 2014 we created a curriculum that is now used in the local San Diego prisons. We take groups of incarcerated women through the curriculum which helps these women find freedom from the lies they believe about themselves (I.E., I am what I've done, I don't deserve anything good, I am worthless, I will never amount to anything, etc.) San Diego only has two locations that house incarcerated women, and we are at both locations. Our goal for 2019 is to put on "mini" Unveiling Conferences at local prisons and jails in San Diego County.