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Unveiling Lies

Women, of all ages, are confronted with destructive lies about their identity on a daily basis. Unveiling exposes the lies, reveals the truth, and helps them fight the lies through live events, written materials, and social media. As a result, they are set free from the bondage of the lies so they can flourish in their true identity.


Who We Are

We are many people, of all ages, who share the same heart; we want to see young women and incarcerated women set free from the lies that bind them.

More About Us


What We Do

Women of all ages, in any situation, all over the world are bombarded with destructive lies that say they aren’t thin enough, pretty enough, athletic enough, smart enough, and the list goes on. Unveiling exists to let girls and women know they are loved, just as they are. 

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If you are considering sending your teen daughter to this conference, DO IT! My daughter attended the first Unveiling Conference as a Freshman in High School and loved it. Here is what I loved about this conference: The topics are real and relevant to teen girls lives today. They relate to what teens are dealing with, talking about, feeling, questioning, and unsure of.

- Parents of conference attendee



Get Involved

Unveiling needs your help!  We cannot do this alone, and we don't want to do this alone.  We would love for you to be involved and we have several ways that you can do that:


Unveiling Conference

It takes many hands, creativity, donations, prayers, and finances to put on a successful conference. We would love your help in one, or many, of these areas!

Volunteer Opportunities

If you have time and would like to be involved throughout the year, we could use your help!

Make a Donation

Unveiling runs 100% on donations! Financial donations are used to give scholarships to girls, helps the cost of the conferences and materials to be affordable, and they keep the ministry running. *All donations are tax-deductible.